Colors: Blue & Yellow
Animal: Lion
Weapon: Great Sword
Main Exports: Iron ore and wheat products
Geography: Mostly grassy plains, some hills, few woods

Culture: Alantia has always been known as the highest military power in the world of Salairon. They do not force their powers on others and have often been referred to as a sleeping giant. Thankfully, King Lanos was raised to his father’s beliefs and has raised his children with the same, to use that power only for good and to maintain order in Alantia.

Due to the loss of The Opportunist’s War the country is given goods from the neighboring country of Gahnal at half the usual trade value. This is the sole reasoning behind the countries height in wealth over the recent years, bringing them up to the value of Fenyin.

The country is proud and noble, where even the lowest of peasants are treated in high regard, but certainly not as equals. Even the smallest ways of tyranny are not welcome within her borders and are usually cause for imprisonment.

Current Times: Alantia is now a country of prison camps, being ruled over by Gahnal’s troops. It is here that Emperor Kathrael mines the iron ore and grows the crops which arm and feed his massive army. Though many Alantian citizens have died in the midst of working due to exhaustion and malnutrition, it is a fact that the Emperor cares little about.

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