Colors: Green & Brown
Animal: Dragon
Weapon: Warhammer
Main Exports: Wood and vellum.
Geography: Mostly woods, some mountains, few grassy plains

Culture: The second strongest world power in Salairon. Though their numbers were greatly reduced during The Opportunist’s War, they have since renewed their ranks. They mostly fight with wooden weapons, being that steel supplies are low in comparison to the number of tree’s. Most of the imported steel is used to create armor and shields.

Their availability of fur is mostly used to make vellum, being that the fur is not needed for warmth too often, and those who would mainly need fur have it provided by Fenyin. This has lead them to be a very wealthy country, previously wealthier than Alantia before the war.

The variety in social classes is not far spread, although it’s differences were vast during the time of King Kathrael. When he fled the country, his tryanical ways went with him as the council fought for a more pleasant monarchy. With King Viseryse spearheading their plans the country soon provided better lives for all citizens, allowing even the lowest of classes to live accomodating lives.

The change in monarchy also brought a lot of problems with the upper class society. Most wished for the old way of life, unwilling to take the minor inconvenience for the help of others. This is a tongue-in-cheek topic among them, most unwilling to speak out for fear of the monarchy’s swift use of their military power.

Current Times: Gahnal is now a massive training ground for the Emperor’s army. Men are in military training for nearly 12 hours a day and boys begin their military training when they turns 8 years of age. Females are excempt from the army, except for those who have proven incapable of bearing children. Soldiers rarely begin their training by choice, but by the completion of their training their is little resistance to be heard.

The women, elderly, and inform are expected to ensure the soldiers cared for when they return home. Due to the high demand for soldiers, an expected reproduction rate is enforced on the natives. If more soldiers are not being produced it is considered an act against your own country.

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