Colors: Red & Tan
Animal: Cobra
Weapon: Scimitar
Main Exports: Fish, silk, & cloth
Geography: Mostly deserts, some plains, few mountains

Culture: If the Zast monarchy stays out of mention within the council of other countries, then they are a happy people. Being neutral in almost all facets and just generally focused on enjoying life more than anything else. The people of Zast are more likely to drink themselves into a coma then they are to venture out and see the world.

Being the poorest country in Salarion, the social classes are all but vacant within the country, with most just sharing what little wealth they have with all others. Rarely are outsiders shunned away, although their is a general distaste for those from Gahnal, due to their confrontational past.

The small horseshoe shape of the country, with high coastal property, has led to their high fish trade, with the Pemahur Bay being the focal point of all fishing boats. The few people rich enough to own ships reap the benefits of the sea without the interference of their local monarchy. Other kings would view this lack of order in a poor manner, but it has yet to harm the economy as most fisherman will dump all gold they earn back into the market at the many local pubs.

Partying is the general way of life in Zast, although outsiders view them as lowly people, joking that partying all day is all the citizens of Zast can do to forget how poor and pathetic they really are.

Current Times: Zast is a paradise getaway for the troops of Gahnal. The men do whatever they want and take whatever they want while they are stationed in Zast. Locals are given little respect and are frequently mistreated at the amusement of the soldiers. With no monarchy in place, there is no one to protect them or to attempt to bring order.

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