Campaign Rules

Basic campaign rules can be found here.

1. There will be a minimal experience amount posted on this website that will determine the minimum experience your character should have when reentering the campaign. So if you don’t show up it’s possible that you will not get any experience at all while everyone else does. This amount can be found at the bottom of this page.

2. No loot will be awarded to an absent member, unless it is the parties’ wish to hold gold or any specific item for that character.

3. Players can gain bonus experience for their characters in one of three ways.

  • Updating your character profile to include new information, changed by something in the previous gaming session. Any other changes will more than likely be grouped into this experience amount. (2 exp. awarded.)
  • Creating an Adventure Log telling the recent gaming session from your character’s view point. (This will become essential towards the end of the game for your character’s Awakenings. These will be specific not only to your Talent Tree, but also your character’s personality and the more info I have the better they will be.) (5 exp. awarded.)
  • Creating an Adventure Log stating what your character was doing while away from the party if you have missed a gaming session. If this is done well then I might allow your character the full experience he/she would have otherwise lost for not being present. This will be a rare case though as it will have to be a perfect fit to the story and not just a one paragraph blurb. (5 exp. awarded at base.)

Minimum Experience: 300

Lost Remnants

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