A Spirit of War trapped in a soldier's body.



Weapons Master

I. Sure Strike: +1/2 Str to an attack for 1 EP.


Power Attack (bonus)
Two Weapon Fighting
Improved Trip


Flint wasn’t always called Flint. He existed for a thousand years as nothing but a thought, a bodiless spirit dwelling in the infinite darknesses outside the realms of men. He lived with other thoughts and spirits, though they rarely spent long with him, for he was a thought of War.

After uncountable eons outside of time – indeed with no concept of time at all – this thought of War felt himself drawn to a place in time and space. Around him, new colors and sensations swelled, and in an instant he drew the first breaths into the body he had claimed – the body of a fallen soldier.

He awoke with sword in hand, clad in armor, and with fighting raging all about. By nature, he fell in with those dressed as he was, and joined the battle – the battle he was born for.

Of course, that was Alantia’s great battle with Ghanal, and he chose the winning side. He spent the last 10 years working as a personal mercenary to the King, and wondering why he was still trapped in this meat, wondering if there were still some great battle for him.


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