King Lanos

Ruler of Alantia


King Lanos has ruled Alantia for just over a decade. Lanos is the only child to the late King Namil. He was bred in the noble life and embodies the values of virtue which his father instilled upon him. He began working for his country at the age of 16, following out trades and various other foreign deals, but it wasn’t until his later years when he served Alantia as a general that he truly earned his stripes with his people.

His greatest victory came at the Battle of the Delta of Deoportunida during The Opportunist’s War with the neighboring country of Gahnal. His battle tactics fought the enemies back off Alantian territory and ended the war.

After the war, his father’s illness turned for the worst, and General Lanos became King Lanos. He has served his people with honor and valor, and is highly respected among his people as the savior of his country.

King Lanos has three children to his name: two sons and a daughter. His daughter, Pelatia, is the oldest of the three at the age of 16. She is planned to marry a noble of Tiyn in the coming months, which has caused several family arguments due to her distaste of his pompous attitude.

His boys, Rugeos & Norias, could not be further apart. The older brother, Rugeos, is considered the younger at heart for at the age of 15 he still prefers nothing more than causing a stir. The thrill of a good fight drives him and it is for this reason that Lanos has ordered him to begin training under the paladin order. Lanos hopes to quench the boys fire and show him when it is appropriate to fight and when it is appropriate to be diplomatic.

His youngest son, Norias, has been highly revered among the nobles for his high intellect and ways of diplomacy. Though only 11 years old he shows great promise. He spends several hours every day, nose deep within his books, or out talking with other nobles hearing tales of previous diplomatic endeavors. It has been said by many that there is no question who will be the one to take the throne after Lanos.


King Lanos

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