Colors: Blue & Yellow
Animal: Lion
Weapon: Great Sword
Main Exports: Iron ore and wheat products
Geography: Mostly grassy plains, some hills, few woods

Culture: Alantia has always been known as the highest military power in the world of Salairon. They do not force their powers on others and have often been referred to as a sleeping giant. Thankfully, King Lanos was raised to his father’s beliefs and has raised his children with the same, to use that power only for good and to maintain order in Alantia.

Due to the loss of The Opportunist’s War the country is given goods from the neighboring country of Gahnal at half the usual trade value. This is the sole reasoning behind the countries height in wealth over the recent years, bringing them up to the value of Fenyin.

The country is proud and noble, where even the lowest of peasants are treated in high regard, but certainly not as equals. Even the smallest ways of tyranny are not welcome within her borders and are usually cause for imprisonment.

Current Times: Alantia is now a country of prison camps, being ruled over by Gahnal’s troops. It is here that Emperor Kathrael mines the iron ore and grows the crops which arm and feed his massive army. Though many Alantian citizens have died in the midst of working due to exhaustion and malnutrition, it is a fact that the Emperor cares little about.



Colors: White & Light Blue
Animal: Bear
Weapon: Great Axe
Main Exports: Fur & silver
Geography: Mostly snowy plains, some woods, few mountains.

Culture: The second wealthiest country in Salairon. Their cold temperatures have led to an abundance of fur pelts, increasing the value on the internal market tremendously. The mountains contain many silver reserves and some gold mines deep within.

The fur markets have lead to a wide split in the social classes. Those wearing white fur tend to be from the highest class, those with gray or brown tend to be from the middle classes, while those with thin furs or no fur at all occupy the lowest classes.

The land is generally known for it’s peaceful nature, but there are seedy bar conversations rumoring towards a rebellion forming from the lower classes. This would not be unheard of considering the many peasants who have died of illness, being unable to provide themselves appropriate clothing for the frigid temperatures. So far there is no physical proof of the supposed rebellion, and it remains simple rumors to this day.

Current Times: Fenyin is now the land of the Red Eyes. Conquered villages are all left to rubble as the Red Eyes do nothing to maintain the homes is the harsh climate of Fenyin. They inhabit these rundown villages by setting up encampments in the streets, rather then taking shelter within the homes themselves. Little is known as to where these strange creatures came from though the greatest piece to the puzzle lies with the flag that is now flown throughout Fenyin.



Colors: Green & Brown
Animal: Dragon
Weapon: Warhammer
Main Exports: Wood and vellum.
Geography: Mostly woods, some mountains, few grassy plains

Culture: The second strongest world power in Salairon. Though their numbers were greatly reduced during The Opportunist’s War, they have since renewed their ranks. They mostly fight with wooden weapons, being that steel supplies are low in comparison to the number of tree’s. Most of the imported steel is used to create armor and shields.

Their availability of fur is mostly used to make vellum, being that the fur is not needed for warmth too often, and those who would mainly need fur have it provided by Fenyin. This has lead them to be a very wealthy country, previously wealthier than Alantia before the war.

The variety in social classes is not far spread, although it’s differences were vast during the time of King Kathrael. When he fled the country, his tryanical ways went with him as the council fought for a more pleasant monarchy. With King Deagly spearheading the council’s plans the country soon provided better lives for all citizens, allowing even the lowest of classes to live accomodating lives.

The change in monarchy also brought a lot of problems with the upper class society. Most wished for the old way of life, unwilling to take the minor inconvenience for the help of others. This is a tongue-in-cheek topic among them, most unwilling to speak out for fear of the monarchy’s swift use of their military power.

Current Times: Gahnal is now a massive training ground for the Emperor’s army. Men are in military training for nearly 12 hours a day and boys begin their military training when they turns 8 years of age. Females are excempt from the army, except for those who have proven incapable of bearing children. Soldiers rarely begin their training by choice, but by the completion of their training their is little resistance to be heard.

The women, elderly, and inform are expected to ensure the soldiers cared for when they return home. Due to the high demand for soldiers, an expected reproduction rate is enforced on the natives. If more soldiers are not being produced it is considered an act against your own country.



Colors: Purple & Gold
Animal: Eagle
Weapon: Poleaxe
Main Exports: Coal & gold
Geography: Mostly mountains, some woods, few desserts

Culture: The wealthiest country in all of Salairon. The gold and coal reseverves within the mountains covering the country provide more than enough wealth for all classes. The lower classes of Tiyn are wealthier than most of the middle classes in other countries. Any man can easily build a home within the mountian ranges and begin harvesting the gold for himself.

This is how the monarchy mines as much of the gold as possible. Those who set up their own mines make a pact with King Hineos to return 50% of all gold mined to the king. Some would argue losing that percentage of their hard work, but the amount of gold mined is more than enough for the citizens to live comfortably on.

This high society way of life has lead to most being very pompous. Most citizens are more likely to turn up their nose to outsiders than they are to invite them in for dinner. These villagers rarely venture across borders believeing most to be below them, although higher nobles are forced to with trades. This doesn’t stop them from still looking down upon others which means they take a lot of heat.

With the anger sent their way, it is not surprising that their forces, although small in number, are some of the best trained soldiers in Salairon. It also does not hurt that they receive all the benefits of their country’s wealth, getting better equipment than any other soldiers. Their power has rarely been tested, as most would not let their stuck-up ways lead to war.

Current Times: Tiyn is now an impoverished land. With all money sent to Kathrael and his troops able to take whatever land they please, Tiyn receives few profits from their work. The only thing that keeps the country going is their new motto; “It is better to be safe and poor than wealthy and dead.”



Colors: Red & Tan
Animal: Cobra
Weapon: Scimitar
Main Exports: Fish, silk, & cloth
Geography: Mostly deserts, some plains, few mountains

Culture: With Zast being founded and created by ships full of runaways and rejects, no monarchy was ever properly created. The founders believed that monarchies did nothing but hinder the lower mans actions, and that a country that relied on a man’s personal abilities rather than his families birth would be a much better country than any monarchy could ever create.

Being neutral in almost all facets and just generally focused on enjoying life more than anything else, the people of Zast are more likely to drink themselves into a coma then they are to venture out and see the world. It is this mentality that creates an anarchy rule in Zast.

Being the poorest country in Salarion, the social classes are all but vacant within the country, with most just sharing what little wealth they have with all others. Outsiders are rarely shunned, although there is a general distaste for those from Gahnal, due to their past confrontations.

The small horseshoe shape of the country, with high coastal property, has led to their high fish trade, with the Pemahur Bay being the focal point of all fishing boats. The few people rich enough to own ships reap the benefits of the sea without the interference of their local monarchy. Other kings would view this lack of order in a poor manner, but it has yet to harm the economy as most fisherman will dump all gold they earn back into the market at the many local pubs.

Partying is the general way of life in Zast, although outsiders view them as lowly people, joking that partying all day is all the citizens of Zast can do to forget how poor and pathetic they really are.

Current Times: Zast is a paradise getaway for the troops of Gahnal. The men do whatever they want and take whatever they want while they are stationed in Zast. Locals are given little respect and are frequently mistreated at the amusement of the soldiers. With no monarchy in place, there is no one to protect them or to attempt to bring order.

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