No history is written of the time period when Salairon began. There are many speculattions towards the history’s loss though it is unsure which is the truth if any are true. Some believe that the religious records have it wrong and Salairon was created during the year 500, with the previous years being inhabited by the gods themselves: That the records do not exist because there were no mortal men to make those records. These are the Banaii, who are often disregarded as fanatics. They state that the starting year is evidence of this. 5-2-4 representing the 5 countries and the 6 Agnets are represented in the sum of 2 and 4. This is also a belief of the Old Gods though they believe thay humans occupied Salairon with the gods and the records were taken when the gods left to the skies.

Others believe that during that year some great natural disaster occurred which destroyed all records, though most find this hard to believe based upon the massive destruction that would be needed to destroy the record halls in all 5 countries. There is also no trace of irreparable damage to the landscaping of the continents.

With any mystery that exist there will always be speculations abound and most will have very little rational grounding. The number of reasons for this lack of knowledge is as high as the population itself, and it is unsure that the reasoning for this lack of history will ever be truly discovered.


Fenyin nobles take hold in Tiyn, with the greed for more money. The nobles are not welcomed by the followers of the Golden Parish, who believe that the foreigners are disgraceful to Aran because they do not build shrines within their mines. In 612 the house of Grayfire, found closest to the border of Fenyin, decided they would have no more of these immigrations. Without government consent Lord Walice order his men to ambush the next group of travelers coming into the country.

The ambush was nothing more than a slaughter, but one man had managed to survive. It took him several weeks to return home and report the information. The King of Fenyin, King Theravol, was furious and demanded retribution on the house of Grayfire. King Milner, the king of Tiyn, was in agreeance with King Theravol and wanted nothing more than to bring Lord Walice to justice for such a heinous act. The king’s council urged him otherwise. They felt such an act against his own country would not bode well when the nobleman were already opposed to the Fenyin nobles taking their gold.

The king refused to listen and went through with the orders he had originally brought forth. Lord Walice was brought to Aviel for execution. The day off his execution, cloaked men rushed the guards and executioner killing 3 and wounding 4 more before they retreated off with Lord Walice. Uprisings began all across the country. Houses armed there men preparing action against the king.

The king did all he could to rush all citizens of Fenyin out of Tiyn and back to safety. Small attacks on caravans did take their tole of casualties, but out of the recorded 1,562 citizens of Fenyin only 274 never returned home. It was a feat that King Theravol hoped would bring him to better terms with King Milner, and set the countries up for a peaceful union after this travesty.

It became nothing more than a game of wits and stubborn attitudes. Few battles were actually held. Those who sent their men to Aviel were quickly vanquished. With the city built high in the mountains and only one entrance way, it was an impenetrable fortress even for trained soldiers, let squadrons of countrymen with swords. It was soon obvious that any attack was pointless, but the king would not order his army to march out on his own people for he had too much respect and loyalty to his country for such a civil bloodbath.

The nobles did the only thing they had left to do. An economic stalemate was put into effect and held for over a decade. All of Tiyn is a free mining community, and back then any who set up there own mines need only give 25% of their profits to the king. As the years passed by the nobles were becoming wealthier and wealthier as the king came ever closer to poverty. King Theravol made several pleas to King Milner, asking for provisions and aid, but King Milner blamed King Theravol heavily for the death of his people and felt that a king must rule his own land.

With trade routes no longer active from Fenyin and the nobles holding all profits, it would not be long before the king’s men did not have the means to survive and the nobles would have enough money to better arm their men and buy more support. In 625 King Theravol had no other choice but to send out a message to his countrymen. He sent his army to closest city Kaja, with orders to murder anyone holding up arms against the King men. The casualties of the battle numbered at 497, with only 5 of those casualties belonging to the king’s army.

Messages were sent out to the Lords of Tiyn. “Stand down your arms. Report to the Aviel so that we may end this dispute and return our country to order. If you are not present by the fourth night it will be assumed your house is a traitor of ”/wikis/tiyn" class=“wiki-page-link”> Tiyn and will be brought to justice." It was a threat the king hoped he would never have to go through with and his wishes were granted as one by one all the Lords of the land arrived at the king’s castle.

In the king the king did not wish to destroy the integrity of his great country which had been founded a level of trust between kings and nobles. Free mining would not be taken from the people, but to make right their transgressions the king would now claim 50% of all profits from anyone who would mine gold in Tiyn.

After the rebellions were over, the council brought forth an idea to the king which would build a wall 100 feet tall and 30 feet thick across the border of Tiyn and Fenyin. They argued that if it were not for Fenyin’s men coming into Tiyn this rebellion would have never happened. The king was quick to dismiss the idea, stating that although Fenyin was n great friend of Tiyn, he would not be a part of a country who would build walls against the outside world.

A compromise was reached between council and king, that the citizens did not wish for such easy passage into their country. Ports were easy to manage, but the bridges that connected Tiyn with Fenyin were not even patrolled. After much protest the king finally decided to place heavy watch on the bridges. Anyone leaving the country of Tiyn would be subject to search and if necessary seizure of any excessive gold of properties that were not approved with an offical parchment from the king.


Lower class citizens who are fed up with monarchy rule and their mistreatment in Fenyin set out towards a new continent previously believed uninhabitable due to it’s intense heats and lack resources. They acquire a small number of ships and set out on their journey. They arrive deep in what would later be called the Pemahur Cove and set up a settlement they called Roala.

In the coming years, many lower class citizens in all of Salairon began to hear of this land that was free of monarchy. There were soon thousands of people pitching in their gold to purchase ships and make the journey to this new land. Though this new country was not for everyone as some believed that the lack of monarchy would only bring chaos and that the country would not be safe.

This new country would be named Zast, the only monarchy free country in Salairon. The closest they ever came to being a monarchy lies in the contrsuction of a religious temple that the followers of Banii deemed necessary in this country of lost souls.


Kathrael’s father, King Sonril, is assassinated during an engagement dinner between Alantian and Gahnal royalty. It is determined that his food was tainted and Kathrael forever blames the Alantian government and vows revenge against them.


Kathrael’s oldest brother, King Minos crashes in the Axial Sea, and Kathrael is determined the rightful heir and new king of Gahnal, despite the protesting of the council. He immediately begins plans to launch an attack on Alantia, but knows he is outmatched and must wait for the perfect opportunity.


Alantia‘s leader, King Namil, falls ill and King Kathrael views this as the perfect chance to invade Alantia; and thus beginning the Opportunist’s War. Kathrael makes the first move in the war crossing the border of Alantia through the Delta of Deoportunida. His forces take over the city of Beddesh, establishing it as Gahnal‘s base of operations on the southern coast of Alantia. With heavy fortifications they’re able to hold the city with ease.

For years the two countries fight with no resulting push on either side. General Lanos of Alantia knows that his people needed a resolution and seeks to bring a hasty end to the war. By sending platoons south of Beddesh to cut of supply routes, Kathrael’s forces are weakened and soon driven out of Beddesh. A series of battles over the coming months forces the invading army back to the Delta of Deoportunida.

This would be the location of the final battle of the war. With Kathrael’s troops stuck on the dispersing bridges and rock formations, the army is incapable of creating proper battle formations. They are soon forced to retreat back into Gahnal after casualties reach into the several hundreds. This victory marks the end of the war. A treaty is signed between the two countries allowing the Alantian government to trade with Gahnal at cheaper prices than any other country. It also turns over the Delta of Deoportunida to Alantian rule and the land is renamed the Delta of Glory.

When Kathrael’s troops are driven out of Beddesh, he flees the country. He is last seen taking a ship into the Axial Sea with a small platoon of soldiers. Historians believe there are two possible reason for these actions: Fear of repercussions for his actions or a last ditch effort to flank Alantia’s troops.

Regardless of why, he is never heard from again and the country is taken over by his youngest son, Deagly. This is much to the chagrin of his older brother, Viseryse, whom the council rules is far too agreeable with his father’s recent actions. It is believed that the council found that Deagly, being at the age of 12, would not hold the same beliefs as his father and would be easily molded into a more acceptable king for the people of Gahnal.


King Sonril’s death is proven too little too late to be the acts of the rebellious House of Tannyth, who did not agree with the king’s daughter marrying a foreign prince. The entire house is called forth for execution though several managed escape and are believed to still be on the run this day.


Kathrael’s ship is spotted off the coast of Alantia. King Lanos sends his personal guard to investigate, taking the possible threat very seriously. The guard never returns to the castle and shortly after Kathrael appears at the gates of his former home, Shador.

Kathrael finds his way to the chamber of a council meeting and overhears Deagly’s speaking of news of his father’s return. Kathrael is shocked to hear Deagley offer Alantia support in bringing Kathrael in and making sure justice is served for his actions during the Opportunists War. Kathrael derives that after his disappearance the council brainwashed Deagley.

He bursts into the council chamber demanding answers, but it soon becomes clear that nothing they can say will satisfy his rage. With Deagley cowering in the corner, Kathrael slaughters the entire council. Those who try to escape find themselves dead, before they breach the door. When the last mans eyes go blank, Kathrael offers his hand to Deagley and appoints him the sole member of his personal council.

Reclaiming the crown, Kathrael begins his march over Alantia, placing the blame of Gahnal’s recent struggles upon their heads. The further he pushes into the border of Alantia the further the distance grows between him and Deagly. One night at their encampment, Deagley overhears his father’s plans for the rest of Salairon. Knowing know that his father will not stop at taking over Alantia, he decides that someone has to stop his father and no one was closer to him than Deagly.

One night he plans to end it all. He enters Kathrael’s chamber and buries his sword to the hilt in Kathrael’s chest. He retreats to his bed with feelings of fear, depression, and joy. He can not believe that he has taken his father’s life, but knows that he has saved all of Salairon.

The next morning he awakes to find his own bloody sword laid across him in his bed. He looks up to see Emperor Kathrael and Viseryse standing at the foot of his bed. Kathrael’s eyes are blank and he says no words, he simply nods his head and Viseryse draws his sword. Deagley attempts to run, but with a swift move of the blade Viseryse beheads the once great King Deagly.

Kathrael realizes the possibility of an uproar through his own people and commands rule by slaughtering all within his own country who do not swear their allegiance to the new king and future Emperor of Salairon. Viseryse spearheads the movement and is placed as General of Gahnal and Kathrael’s personal advisor. Gahnal’s forces had been rallied together and were now prepared to march full force against Alantia.


Alantia receives the brunt of Emporer Kathrael’s wraith. He had vowed to take over Alantia before and expand his territories, but now he only wished to seek retribution. He launches an all-out war against Alantia with himself on the frontlines. The power he now controls brings the Alantian army to nothingness. By the time he reachs the capital, the majority of the Alantian troops have been dispatched or imprisoned and he easily takes the thrown, forcing King Lanos and his sons to work as slaves for his needs.

His troops run forth to the remaining villages and it is not long until all of Alantia is working as his slaves fufilling every command he orders. Those who oppose, swearing their allegiance to King Lanos, are struck down.

As he takes over each city he places his troops from Gahnal as guards over his new slaves. One by one he makes each village of Alantia, becomes nothing more than a prison camp.


Tiyn receives news of what is happening in Alantian and decides that they must arm up and try to help. A battalion of ships is sent from Avavia to arrive in Fariel. The men are ordered to overtake the guards in the city and set up a small encampment there. When they have taken the city they are to send all Alantian citizens on the ships back to Tiyn. At their arrival more reinforcements will be sent to aid them in freeing all of Alantia.


In Fenyin, an army begins walking directly out of the Axial Sea. Their skin is black and frostbitten, their clothes are tattered and torn, their armor and weapons are rusted, and their pupils are a deep crimson red. It is for this reason they are referred to as the Red Eyes.

The Red Eyes take over the nearby town of Dracenu with relelntless force. In one day they mercilessly slaughter the entire town. Before word can spread throughout the land, the towns of Loros and Ardessa are assualted as well. Those who manage to flee bring tales of the Red Eyes barbarism to Callera. Most of the Red Eyes do not use the rusted weaponry on their assualt, they use their bare hands to rip flesh from bones. The soldiers who bravely stand up to these men find that their weapons do nothing to stop the assualt. The survivors also claim that they heard the Red Eyes speak, although none knew the language they spoke. Stories say the creatures emitted sounds like gurgles, but it was clear they were communicating in this fashion.

Their words arrive to little too late to the capital, as their is not enough time to amass proper defenses. The Red Eyes seem to march endlessly out of the Axial Sea and it is not long before they overrun all of Fenyin and claim it for their own. Once Fenyin is conquered the Red Eyes make no effort to spread to other countries, taking shelter within the borders of Fenyin.

No word is heard from Tiyn’s forces for over a year until their ships are finally seen returning towards the end of 1065. The troops were mutilated for their actions, and their remains sent back to Tiyn with a message warning of imprisonment if they ever gave further involvement. They backed out of any workings with Alantia, and it seemed that Alantia was on her own.


With word of the Red Eyes spreading Tiyn began to gather her forces once again, ready to aid their neighboring country; however, with the recent failures in Alantia, morale was at a low point among their troops. Just as the first battalion was marching out of Aviel, the eldest council member came rushing into the king’s chamber with word of the flag of Fenyin no longer flew over Callera, and the Red Eyes had raised their own flag. He demanded that the war be called off and brought forth plans to create a massive wall across the border of Fenyin and Tiyn. The same plans created by the council over 4 centuries ago. Fearing the Red Eyes invasion the king approved the councilmen’s plans and all resources were devoted to building this wall.

To prevent easy passage for the Red Eyes, the bridges connecting the two countries are destroyed. Once done, the citizens are able to begin working on building a great wall with a slight assurance that they will not be attacked. The Ugero Rriere, as it was soon to be called, was believed to be what kept the Red Eyes at bay, although it is unclear why the Red Eyes never made any attempt to approach the wall.


Kathrael conquers Ashil and accomplishes his goal of taking over all of Alantia. He then sets his sights onto Tiyn and all her wealth. He is surprised to see what is happening within the country and decides that he can help himself by helping Tiyn.

A peace treaty is signed between Tiyn and Kathrael granting him 80% of the mining profits of any citizen of Tiyn and allowing any member of Kathrael’s army to take free ownership of any land in Tiyn, whether the land is previously owned or not. In return, he offers to aid Tiyn in the building of the Ugero Rriere. With these new laws set in place, it was not long before all of Tiyn is impoverished. The greatest cities in all of Tiyn soon became nothing but slums within the confines of the Ugero Rriere.


Kathrael sends his troops to Zast as a relaxing getaway. With it’s abundance of bars and hangout spots it is the perfect place for them to take a break so that they can come back focused towards furthering Gahnal’s success.

In Zast, the troops are given whatever they wish for free. Some resist this in the beginning, but the shops who resist are closed for good, and their owners vanish without a trace. Shopowners live in fear and provide the troops whatever they needed.

This soon leads to worse situations, as the troops require more than just wine and food, they required women as well. Some women are more than willing to oblidge, continueing with the wild ways they are accustomed too, but others, usually wives or woman of respectable position, are not so lucky. Their resistance leaves nothing but further pain and in some cases death. Husbands who fight for their wives are either publicly beaten and humiliated, forced to watch the goings on, or if they are lucky they are simply murdered for their resistance.

With no military power or monarchy there is not much that Zast can do to defend herself. The citizens must continue to live the lifestyle that has been given to to them by Emperor Kathrael with only the hope that someday they will grow accustomed to these changes.

In Tiyn, the fear became that the Red Eyes were journeying across the sea floor to find an easier access into Tiyn. As fear drives most things men do, these believes led to the Ugero Rriere expansion across all of Tiyn beginning with the border to the Axial Sea.


Kathrael sends down new orders and every day people are pulled from the camps in Alantia. It is not known why, as once someone is pulled they never return. Rumors say they are simply taken before the Emperor and murdered for his enjoyment, but other’s say there is something greater going on. That the Emperor has been using them for some personal expeditions of his own, and not wanting this to be told, he executes them when their task is done.

In this same year, during one of Kathrael’s many visits to torture and humiliate Lanos, Kathrael mentions that his personal guard was the key to all of this. The last piece of the puzzle that needed to be set in place and that he still had plans for them yet. It is these words that drive Lanos to began making secret expeditions out to find the men he lost 8 years ago. Taking his children with him, and having his loyal followers cover for his brief absences, he begins searching for them every chance he can.


All travel across the Axial Sea is stopped. The only ships which travel out are those that Emperor Kathrael has approved himself.


Lanos comes across a strange rock formation amidst the cove where Kathrael was spotted a decade ago. Breaking free the stone he comes across his personal guard and much to his surprise they are in fact alive. He nurses them back to health and after brief training the group is sent off with the hopes to overthrow Emperor Kathrael.

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