Colors: White & Light Blue
Animal: Bear
Weapon: Great Axe
Main Exports: Fur & silver
Geography: Mostly snowy plains, some woods, few mountains.

Culture: The second wealthiest country in Salairon. Their cold temperatures have led to an abundance of fur pelts, increasing the value on the internal market tremendously. The mountains contain many silver reserves and some gold mines deep within.

The fur markets have lead to a wide split in the social classes. Those wearing white fur tend to be from the highest class, those with gray or brown tend to be from the middle classes, while those with thin furs or no fur at all occupy the lowest classes.

The land is generally known for it’s peaceful nature, but there are seedy bar conversations rumoring towards a rebellion forming from the lower classes. This would not be unheard of considering the many peasants who have died of illness, being unable to provide themselves appropriate clothing for the frigid temperatures. So far there is no physical proof of the supposed rebellion, and it remains simple rumors to this day.

Current Times: Fenyin is now the land of the Red Eyes. Conquered villages are all left to rubble as the Red Eyes do nothing to maintain the homes is the harsh climate of Fenyin. They inhabit these rundown villages by setting up encampments in the streets, rather then taking shelter within the homes themselves. Little is known as to where these strange creatures came from though the greatest piece to the puzzle lies with the flag that is now flown throughout Fenyin.

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